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... see you've already figured that one out.""What do the aliens want, Buster?" asks D.W."I don't know. But if they have the power to travel across the universe, then we probably don't have anything they need. It's more likely that they have something to give to us.""Maybe they'll solve all the world's problems," D.W. muses.Begin D.W. fantasy sequence.We find ourselves in a war zone. Soldiers on both sides have dug trenches and are firing at each other with machine guns. Suddenly an alien ship flies over them, firing waves of energy. The energy waves strike the soldiers and transform their weapons into Mary Moo Cow dolls. The soldiers look at the dolls with curiosity, then one of them starts to cry. "I feel so...so happy!" he gushes.End D.W. fantasy sequence."So, what do you say, Arthur?" asks Buster."Uh, I don't know. The aliens haven't spoken to me, so maybe they don't want to see me."D.W.'s face lights up. "I want to see the aliens!""D.W.!" her brother snaps.D.W. runs into the kitchen, where Mrs. Read is cleaning the oven, and Arthur follows after her. "Mom, can I go with Buster tomorrow night to see the aliens?" she pleads.Mrs. Read pulls her head out of the oven. "Don't you want to go trick-or-treating, D.W.?""I can trick-or-treat next year," says the excited girl. "This year I want to see the aliens!""Okay, if that's what you want to do," says her mother. "As long as you don't stay up past your bedtime.""Mom, don't let her!" Arthur urges."Why not?""Because...uh...she ...
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