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A Sample part of Young Justice Story: Well take care of those things, Austin assured her.But what if one of you get bitten? Barbara blurted worriedly, red hair blowing over her shoulder in the slight breeze. Wont you guys turn into vampires?Austin shrugged, expression grim. No. Vampire venom is poison to us. Wed just be killed instantly.Oh.The Alpha Wolf barked gruffly, sending out a command to his pack. Austin swung agilely to the ground, and the rest of the werewolves pounded towards the two monsters, half going to the snake and half heading for the giant wolf.Arent you going to go help them? Batgirl asked. She was itching to join in the fight herself, but knew from experience that she would be more of a hassle than a help against these things. She had no superpowers, and would probably just end up getting hurt while trying to fight.Im going to stay in my human form to relay any messages that Phillip has for your friends, he answered, biting his lip as he spoke. His dark eyes gave away the concern he felt for the rest of his brothers.Brilliant streaks of blue suddenly appeared over to the left of where they were gathered. Apparently, Jonn and Mr. Terrific had been able to convince at least a few of the League members to ...
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