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...hink thats possible. It feels too good. I doubt I can control myself. He pulled out of her then quickly pushed it back in. He repeated the process, pulling out of her then invading her. He complied with Sherrys wishes by making his thrusts as slow as he could. His lips brushed up against the base of her neck, planting feverish kisses. Mm, she moaned lightly. The pain between her legs was dissipating. However it felt as though her walls were being stretched to their limits. Her legs quivered trying to accommodate her new lovers girth. She grabbed onto a clamp of Yuseis black hair in an attempt to brace herself. Uh, Yusei, she breathed out. Yuseis lips urgently brushed themselves over her neck. She knew he was trying to keep himself occupied while she adjusted to his size of his penis. Yusei was fighting a losing battle. This pace was too slow to get any true gratification. The erection between his legs pulsed excruciatingly. It was punishing him for not allowing them to move at the speed needed to achieve their desired release. He tried to ignore the throbbing and continue his slow pace. He sank his teeth into the base of Sherrys neck. He thought it sooth some of pent up stress. Another weak cry reached his ears. Yusei saw that the Fleur duelist pushing her head against the t...

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